Birdie’s Bakery – Passion Project

I met Cristina Schaub while shooting the Taste of the Wasatch event at Solitude last month. She shared with me her story about being a newly single mom, who had been searching for a way to support her family. Her parents insisted that she should sell her amazing sugar cookies. Initially, she dismissed the idea, until a good friend offered to sell her cookies at her salon. From there, Birdie’s Bakery emerged from a long adored hobby to a viable career. I asked Cristina how she developed her passion for sugar cookies; her response kind of surprised me. She told me that while she has always enjoyed baking, her true passion lies in the gifting of the cookies. From a young age she wanted to learn how to bake for the sole purpose of giving the baked goods to her loved ones. You can see her smile grow as she watches someone try her cookies for the first time, places an order for an upcoming special occasion, or picks up a dozen to be delivered to someone who is struggling. I must say, I am not a huge fan of sugar cookies but I do love Birdie’s sugar cookies. They have a unique almond flavor that keeps you coming back for more.

To contact Cristina:
Birdie’s Bakery
Instagram @birdiesbakeryslc

Or try grabbing one before they sell out at:
J. Loyola Salon
The Children’s Hour
Siren Salon

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