Travis Richardson

Welcome! I'm Travis

(please feel free to call me Trav)

I am a wedding and portrait photographer, but first and foremost, I am a husband and father. My beautiful wife and I have been married for 12 years and we have created 4 amazing children. Together, we live at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, which are, in my opinion, the prettiest mountains in the Salt Lake Valley. I love the outdoors. I love to hike and explore my beautiful mountains, always carrying my camera (and my 3 year old)
over my shoulder.
I believe dark chocolate should be it’s own food group. Eating dark chocolate at the top of a mountain, with my family of course, is my heaven.
I love to shoot with both film and digital. The images I share are primarily shot on film, because I’m in love with film. Photography has been a passion of mine since high school. Going into the dark room and watching my negatives develop seemed magical to me. I’ve been lucky enough to be a full-time photographer for the last 7 years and I have shot hundreds of weddings during that time. It has truly been a blessing to be able to support my family with a job that I love.


I strive to create clean, classic images that will stand the test of time. Photographs full of light and full of happiness. Photographs without filters that will still look great 10, 20, 30 years from now. I shoot with film and digital, and mix photojournalism with art direction.

I was once told that if your focus is to help others with what you do, you will always be happy and successful. I strive to live by that philosophy.