Nigerian Orphanage


This stop on our trip was particularly difficult for me. I think the fact that I had a 2 week old baby at home and three other very loved kids, made it hard to visit with these children that had been abandoned or otherwise left without loving parents. One of the little girls in the orphanage was also two weeks old and found abandoned in a local market. Its experiences like this that will affect me for the rest of my life.Orphanage01aOrphanage02 Orphanage03 Orphanage04 Orphanage05 Orphanage06 Orphanage07 Orphanage08 Orphanage09 Orphanage10 Orphanage11 Orphanage12 Orphanage13 Orphanage14 Orphanage15 Orphanage16 Orphanage17 Orphanage18 Orphanage19 Orphanage20 Orphanage21