Remembering Kayson

Funerals are never an easy experience. Funerals for sweet little 2 year old boys are much worse. I had the honor to document the celebration and reflection of Kayson’s short time on this earth. As a parent it was impossible not to put myself in this situation and imagine losing one of my little kids. Kayson’s dad spoke during the funeral and discussed how his belief in his Heavenly Father has helped him through this time in their lives. He mentioned that Kayson’s last words were I love you. Needless to say, there were many tears and afterwards I came home and hugged my little ones. My intention for posting this slideshow is to simply remind us all to enjoy the time we have with the ones we love. If you are a parent, go hug your kids.

Kayson from Travis Richardson on Vimeo.


This was so beautiful. Travis, you captured this perfectly. I am in tears, and my heart goes out to that family. I will definitely be hugging my littles tighter tonight. Thank you.

This was so remarkably touching. Thank you for sharing such beauty in a sensitive way. I am inspired today to be more present in the lives of my children and I am grateful for this reminder. You are a talented photographer.